Our Pet Policy

We are animal lovers and we want you to have your pet(s) to accompany you on vacation at our home as our dog Sasha does! We will consider all kinds of pets, just ask!

Your dog is welcome to join you at our home with a fee which varies based on length of stay and number of pets.

Each town has a leash law and requires dog waste pickup everywhere.

Our pet rules have arisen due to issues experienced with past guests with pets….

Please don’t leave your dog unattended if he/she is likely to cause damage. Bring your pet crate if you need to.

We often find that guests’ dogs left alone in strange places do things they don’t usually do at home. Such as, chewing furniture or jumping on leather sofas with scratchy nails; trying to look out the windows waiting for you to come back, damaging window blinds and drapes in the process and heavy scratching at exit doors.

Most of our properties are fully fenced (please verify), but don’t let them dig holes and bark to the annoyance of neighbors.

Please pick up all dog waste on property prior to departure, thoroughly check the back and front yard.

It is your responsibility to thoroughly vacuum all your pet’s hairs in the house. There is a vacuum at the house for you to use.

If any damage happens please be honest and tell us immediately so we can be prepared to quickly take care of it.

We want to continue welcoming pets at our home as we have a dog too and know it can be difficult to find rentals that allow them.

Any undisclosed damage caused, or dog waste uncollected before departure will automatically lose all security deposit.

By making the pet fee payment you are agreeing to abide by these pet rules.